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Guess who's enjoying the bike ride and guess who isn't.

Dogs and cats must eat raw meat, cooked vegetables, BIO-8 & CLO-3 ... and follow my No-No List!


This site offers free information and advice regarding nutrition and classical homeopathy to provide healthier and happier lives for animals and people.

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WELCOME Peggy, Zena, Pearl, Jack, Emma, Sandy, and Alex

I would like to pay tribute to the courage of the Delta Military Service Dog who was the brave K-9 who did his patriotic duty along with his human Delta Special Forces.  His service reminds us of all the dogs who every day serve millions of people with physical, mental, and emotional challenges as well as the many duties of Police K-9s, Border K-9s, and many other official duties.  Pat McKay

Pearl -  a petite and delicate 16 year old who has the command to put the others in their places with her disapproving glare. There will be no boisterous tomfoolery on Pearl's watch! Her favorite thing to do is nap with me and hog the pillow.

Happy Healthy November!

Introducing Peggy Kirchgassner who is helping Pat with bookkeeping.  Peggy and her 6 beautiful cats recently relocated from sunny South Florida to sunny Nevada in Fall of 2019 to work with Pat.   Peggy's cats have been on Pat's Nutrition Program since 1998 and they began incorporating homeopathy into their overall care in 2014.  Peggy's hobbies include learning about homeopathy, cleaning the litter boxes, and preparing raw meals for her neighbors' animals.

Oscar McKay
1991 - 1998

​​​​​The NO-NO List
NO to all  vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and pet foods/treats.
NO to flea & tick medications:  Flea Killers Are Cat and Dog Killers.
NO to microchips.
NO to vaccines:  Natural Immunity:  Why You Should Not Vaccinate!
​​​NO to antibiotics & steroids:  Symptoms of Psora
NO to deworming:  Pat McKay Raw Food Basic Recipe
NO to pet foods/treats:  Poisons in Pet Food

Mother to Alex.  Sandy and kitten Alex were strays who were brought inside due to a tropical storm hitting the area back in 2012.  After the first night, they decided to stay permanently. Sandy loves grooming the other cats and going through the toy basket to grab her favorite stuffed mice to leave throughout the house.  

We have been given the most precious gifts of dogs and cats.  Do not damage them with vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and pet foods/treats.  They are our furry children who deserve the best.  They must be fed only food fit for human consumption; the meat must be raw, and they must have the proper supplements because even our food fit for human consumption is not up to the standards it was a hundred years ago.

Nutrition and Homeopathy work!

Please spread the word!
   Tell people not to vaccinate!

Pat McKay 
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38 years experience in animal nutrition
34 years experience in classical homeopathy
As we heal our animals, we heal ourselves!

Emma loves to make me laugh with her antics of peaking around the corner to surprise me or sprawling flat on her stomach 4 legs fully outstretched and pulling herself across the rug.  She loves plunging herself into plastic and paper bags and it's even more fun for her if you pick up the bag and carry her around the house.  Emma is about 9 years old

Jack - a sweet and affectionate black beauty who has been through so much.  He started out in life about 9 years ago with his tail run over by a car and after surgery to remove his tail, he developed severe constipation and a partially paralyzed colon which causes him to suffer when passing stools.  Through it all, he remains so loving and trusting.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy, from Greek homoeo (meaning similar) and pathos (meaning suffering) is a system of medicine based on treating like with like.The theory that like can be treated with like can be traced back as far Hippocrates (460 -370 BC), but it wasn't until the work of Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843) that the theory developed into a usable practice.

Hahneman's provings consisted in giving doses of various substances to both himself and his healthy volunteers, and noting the effects in detail. For safety reasons, the substances taken were very dilute, and it is here that Hahnemann chanced upon one of the more puzzling aspects of Homeopathy. The more dilute a homeopathic medicine is, the more effective it is in treating illness.

The information provided in this site is based solely on Samuel Hahnemann's concepts...often referred to as Classical remedy at a time...treating the whole animal.  Be sure to read Pat McKay’s FREE EBOOKS for information about feeding your dogs and cats her raw food program.


A photo of the youngest, Alex age 7, and the oldest, Zena age 21.  Alex is always happy and prancing around the house with his tail high and proud and Zena is happy to have his company