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The Most Abundant Mineral In Our Bodies

Animals and people are not getting sufficient calcium.  By the time you see symptoms of a calcium deficiency, you or your animal has been calcium deficient for months or years and is in serious trouble.

Some of the signs of calcium deficiency are arthritis, skin and coat problems, splayed feet, broken pasterns, hip dysphasia, weak ligaments and tendons, broken bones, patella luxation, severe pain, most often in feet, legs, hips and heart, digestive ailments, hyperactivity, aggression, lethargy, high cholesterol, constipation, diarrhea, incontinence, kidney, bladder, liver and heart problems.

Commercial pet food companies claim they have sufficient calcium in their canned and dry food. People who prepare their own food state they are feeding raw bones or giving other kinds of calcium such as ground bone, bone meal, egg shells, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, etc. All of these calcium products are almost impossible for the gastrointestinal system to digest, assimilate and utilize, so they are not getting sufficient calcium from those sources.

Serious side effects from giving these types of calcium are pancreatitis, leaky-gut syndrome, irritable bowel disease, calcium deposits, kidney/bladder stones, bone spurs, vomiting, bloating, impacted bowels and anal glands, constipation, diarrhea, chalky and bloody stools.

Raw bones that are provided domestically have been dead for days, weeks or months before being given to dogs. They are hard, brittle and dehydrated with very little nutritional value. 

Raw bones are a source of pleasure to dogs; however, they do not provide the essential calcium that is needed for health. 

The major source of calcium for canines in the wild is the blood that is carrying the calcium to the bones of their prey and the fresh, live, soft, supple, hydrated bones that are full of nutrients. This source of calcium cannot be duplicated domestically by giving dead raw bones.

Other symptoms signifying people and animals’ need for calcium/magnesium are fleas, hot spots, irritated skin, arthritis, aching joints, poor bone growth, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome to name a few.

Calcium: The Most Abundant Mineral

Calcium is the most abundant mineral in the body. Too many animals are on canned and dry foods, cooked foods, grains, being given vaccines, drugs, and chemicals that poison the body. We are seeing an explosion of cancer, kidney, liver, heart and bone problems, because you and your animals are not getting the proper food and sufficient calcium.  BIO-8 and CLO-3 are essential for optimum health.