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CLO-3/Butter Sandwich

What is a Butter Sandwich?

Dogs and cats need lots of fat, so in addition to the fat they get with their raw meat, they need some salted butter as well for a couple of reasons.

The more fat the better for carnivores.  People need about 10% fat in their diet and cats/dogs need 30%.

Dogs/cats also need a tiny bit of salt, and the salted butter provides that salt.  Food cannot be digested without at least a small amount of salt in the diet.

Dogs…and some cats…love butter so it is an excellent way to give them their CLO-3-Pearls in between two slices of butter.

Tiny dogs & Cats:  1/8-1/2 teaspoon of butter daily with one CLO-3 Pearl every other day. Can clip Pearl at tip with scissors and squeeze oil onto butter, if Pearl is too large to swallow.

Small dogs:  1 teaspoon each slice and one CLO-3-Pearl in between daily.

Medium dogs: 2 teaspoons each slice and 2 CLO-3-Pearls in between daily.

Large dogs:  1 tablespoon each slice and 3 CLO-3-Pearls in between daily.

Dogs who are ill, or if you live in very cold climates, and your dog isn’t outside at least an hour a day, email me the conditions, and I will suggest special dosages.

Cats:   The significant difference with cats is that they more than likely will not eat the Butter Sandwich or even eat the CLO-3 soft gel whole.

If your cat or dog won't eat butter or won’t eat the CLO-3 soft gel whole, you can clip the CLO-3 soft gel and squeeze the oil onto a small amount of raw meat or anything your cat/dog prefers, or even squeeze the oil from the soft gel directly into your cat/dog’s mouth.  In order to provide enough butter, butter can be added to their food.  Both the butter and the vitamin D in the CLO-3 are oil soluble, so they both are stored in the liver, and then the liver decides when to dispense the vitamin D and fats into the body; therefore, the butter and the CLO-3 do not have to be given at the same time.

The CLO-3/Butter Sandwich can be given any time during the afternoon or evening.  The reason it should not be given with their meal is because BIO-8 has vitamin E and CLO-3 has vitamin D, and if those two vitamins are given at the same time, they tend to inhibit one another.