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Dental Care for Animals & People

Animals were not meant to have their teeth brushed; that is a myth.  There isn’t a coyote or wolf that has their teeth brushed in the wild.  Canines/felines keep their teeth and mouths clean with their acidic digestive juices. 

When a canine/feline in the wild is chasing his prey, his acidic digestive juices are coming up into his mouth so that once the prey is caught, digestion starts immediately in the mouth. Dogs/cats do not chew; they rip off chunks and swallow the meat immediately.  Those digestive juices are extremely acidic, and they clean the dog’s/cat's teeth.  If the canine/feline does not catch his prey, then he will vomit those acidic digestive juices so he doesn’t irritate the lining of his stomach. 

When your dog/cat vomits yellow bile first thing in the morning, that is because his system was ready to eat, and his “prey” wasn’t there for him yet.  However, he was cleaning his teeth.

All you need to do for your dog’s/cat's teeth is to feed him/her raw meat, cooked vegetables, BIO-8 & CLO-3.  That’s how simple dental care is for dogs/cats. 

Dental Care for People

People do need to brush their teeth, and my suggestion for toothpaste is to mix BIO-8-Powder with just enough honey so that it is the texture of toothpaste.  Works like a charm; healthy & tasty as well.  Try it.