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Dogs do consume the offal of their prey; not only the organs and entrails, but the vegetation in the stomach and bowels of their prey.  That vegetation has already been predigested and is only a very small part of a dog’s total consumption.  Dogs can eat, digest, absorb, assimilate, and utilize every part of their prey except the teeth and nails.  Now that is a specialized animal-protein gastrointestinal system.  Horses, in turn, have a specialized system that can turn plant protein into the proper nourishment for them.  One veterinarian said, well, the horse is bigger than the dog.  What’s that got to do with it?  We all know about vegetarian animals that are huge:  elephants, rhinoceros, bison, moose…their size doesn’t govern what type of digestive system they have.

My greatest disappointment in people messing with God’s creatures is that veterinarians are now spewing this ignorance; they don’t get out of vet school before they have seen for themselves the internal anatomy of carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores…they should know better.

Don’t mess with Mother Nature.  Pat McKay

Dogs/Cats are Carnivores
Don’t Mess with Mother Nature
Dogs/cats are not vegans. 

Over the past few decades I have been hearing more and more about feeding dogs/cats a vegetarian diet.  The Creator is the one who decided the food chain.  Such arrogance of people to say they know better than God.

Dogs in the wild eat everything from fresh-kill animals to road-kill.  They do not eat plants; they do not graze.  No one has ever seen a wild horse chase, kill, and eat a rabbit. Why humans think they know better than the Creator what a domestic dog should eat is beyond good reason.

Our companion dogs’ gastrointestinal systems have not changed.  You put two canines, one wild and one domestic, on a surgical table, open them up and there is absolutely no difference between these two systems.  The only way you may notice a difference is you can be sure the wild canine is healthier because they are been eating the proper food.

There isn’t one commercial dog food on the market that is fit to feed, so I certainly would not dispute that a wild canine is healthier than the majority of our domestic canines…because for the past 100 years the majority of people haven’t fed their domestic dogs the proper food.

I grew up during the Depression; we ate what my father killed or fished from the wild.  We got the choice meat and our dogs got whatever we didn’t want to eat…and it was fed raw…that’s how I learned about feeding raw animal proteins to my dogs, and I have followed that program for my dogs all my life.

A dog’s small intestine is approximately 5 to 7 feet in length.  A miniature horse about the same size has 30 to 40 feet of small intestine.  So just the length of the small intestines tells us everything we need to know about whether an animal is a carnivore, an herbivore, or an omnivore.  When you also take into account the difference in the pH factor of dogs being acidic and horses being alkaline, those statistics alone tell you that a dog is a carnivore and a horse is an herbivore.  Just look at the difference in their body confirmation.  Ask any two-year-old child which one is a dog and which one is a horse.