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Topical Relief

Chronic Disease

One of the very first signs of chronic disease in dogs is a discharge from your animal’s ears.  Ear problems have everything to do with your animal’s gastrointestinal system.  Hard to believe, but true.

The problem is not ear mites; it is not an ear infection; it is first of all the lack of proper nutrition, and secondly, it is a chronic disease of the gastrointestinal system that needs homeopathic care.

Most of the time there will be other symptoms; however, to the person not familiar with what else your animal’s body is telling you, those symptoms may not be obvious to you, which is understandable, because they aren’t obvious to your vet either.

A guide dog, Noelle, was due for a rabies vaccine. It was imperative that this precious working dog get an exemption because she already had ear symptoms indicating she had chronic gastrointestinal disease…so we had to take her to a veterinarian to get the exemption. 

The vet’s very first comment was that the guide dog had to have a series of antibiotics because of her ear discharge.  I knew that was coming, so I explained how we were working with Noelle nutritionally and homeopathically to stimulate the healing of her gastrointestinal system.  He looked at me as if I dropped from another planet.  While I was explaining, the vet’s eyes glossed over, and you could just see that nothing was computing.  He was just waiting for me to stop talking this silly nonsense.   His veterinary training told him that he had to stop this ear “infection.”  The fact that the ears might be connected to the gastrointestinal system!  Ridiculous!

Noelle was given an exemption from the rabies vaccine, and a prescription for antibiotics, which of course, was not given.  We continued with the nutrition and homeopathic care, and Noelle’s gastrointestinal system healed, and the ear “infection” healed as well.

What can be done topically to give your animal’s ears some relief while the gastrointestinal system is repairing, restoring, and healing are the following: 

1)  My Green Tea Solution:  Prepare a strong brew of organic green tea; let it cool; then pour the warm green tea into your animal’s ears, filling the canals; then gently massage the base of the ears so the tea goes down into the canal.  Then let go, stand back, and let your animal do the rest by shaking out the excess tea and all the gunk that will come with it.  You may want to do this outside.  You may do this as often as necessary; no limit on how often you can use the green tea. 

Do not go into the ear canal with a Qtip or cotton, because that will just push the gunk further into the canal.  You can certainly clean anything that is in the outer ear.

2)  Ear flush:  Another solution is to flush your animal’s ears.  With a hand-held shower head with warm water, put it right up against your animal’s ear for a minute or so, and then let your animal shake out the excess water, and again, lots of gunk will come out.

Your dog will need to be on my nutrition program and will need homeopathic care.  This gastrointestinal disease was caused by vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and pet foods/treats. 

Pat McKay
40 years experience in animal nutrition
36 years experience in classical homeopathy
As we heal our animals, we heal ourselves!