​​​Fleas Are Our Friends

Healthy Animals Repel Fleas!

Healthy animals repel fleas.  One of the first symptoms of any ailing immune system is an animal that is covered with fleas.  If you look at fleas in a positive way, it is wonderful of them to let us know our animals are having problems.  

Fleas are kept under control the same way other diseases and disorders are…by keeping the immune system healthy.  For instance, parvovirus is an airborne virus.  It is all around your dog at any given time.  What keeps him from getting parvo?  His/her immune system.  The same is true of fleas.  If the animal’s immune system is strong enough, the fleas will be repelled.

Fleas are parasites that are just here to do their job.  That job is to suck blood from dead, diseased, dying, and disabled animals.  Then another insect or animal comes along to do their job, and on it goes, so that we can live in a clean environment without carcasses stacked to the heavens.

The fleas don’t know that the animal they are eating is your companion animal.  They just know this animal is not well and fits their criteria for lunch.

Your animals may all eat the same food, sleep in the same place, be given the same love and attention, and yet one animal has arthritis, another has ear mites, another licks and chews at his hot spots all day, and another has fleas.  Each animal’s body manifests its individual disease energy in its own unique way.

We are told that fleas cause skin and coat problems.  Actually it is the other way around.  First the animal has the skin problem (or some other disorder) and that attracts the fleas.

Skin and coat problems are major complaints of our companion animals.  The symptoms appear mostly during the summer months because the body uses more fatty acids during hot weather.  It is not because the animal has the problem only during the summer, but because it becomes evident externally during that time.  You see excessive scratching, chewing, licking, dry, flaky skin, matted coats, loss of hair, eczema, hot spots, and what is referred to by many as “flea-bite dermatitis or flea allergy.”  These problems are caused by an immune system that is compromised because it is malnourished and/or damaged by vaccines, drugs, chemicals, and pet food.

My nutrition program will build up the immune system to repel the fleas, heal the skin and coat and strengthen the body.  In many cases your animal may have what is referred to homeopathically as Psora.  See my free ebook:  Is Your Animal Ill: Symptoms of Psora. http://essentials4all.org/Symptoms_of_Psora.html  If so, then your dog/cat needs homeopathic care as well. 

No Drugs, Chemicals, or Poison…NONE…No Exceptions!
All drugs, chemicals, and poisons that kill fleas, kill dogs/cats as well…maybe a little slower…but they do kill!  

The answer to flea problems is not drugs, chemicals, and poisons.  They only make the situation worse.  Just the cautions on the labels should frighten you enough to discourage your use of these deadly poisons.  “Harmful if swallowed; Harmful if absorbed through the skin; Avoid breathing spray mist; Avoid contact with human skin; Wear rubber gloves when applying.”  Products that are dangerous for humans are also dangerous for our beloved animals.  They have the same delicate organs we do.  Their skin absorbs poisons just like ours.  They have respiratory systems that breathe.  They have livers that must detoxify all the poisons coming into the system.  When the skin, lungs, and liver cannot keep up with the detoxification, animals become seriously ill, sometimes resulting in death. 

People resort to these drugs, chemicals, and poisons because they are told the answer is to kill the fleas.  It is not possible to kill all the fleas in and around your house and yard any more than it is possible to kill all bacteria.  Fleas are extremely resilient.  We will never see the end of them in our lifetime…nor do we want to.  All bacteria and parasites serve a very important purpose on this planet.  What we really want is for our animals to be free of all parasites.  Put your time, effort, and money into keeping your animals healthy, and you will not have to spin your wheels fighting fleas.

Many of you already have tried the drugs, chemicals, and poisons and know you don’t get the results you want.  The fleas may be gone for a few hours or days, but ultimately they come back with a vengeance, and worst of all, the whole family, people and animals, have now been exposed to these deadly poisons, not to mention the expense.

The frustration of seeing an animal suffer from flea bites and the irritation to the skin from the saliva of the flea is enough to make anyone reach out for an immediate solutions; that is understandable.  The problem lies in the fact that the situation is eventually made worse by using drugs, chemicals, and poisons, thereby lowering the animal’s resistance to the fleas even more.  Because we cannot actually see the liver in our animals desperately fighting the toxins that are being absorbed through the skin from flea products, and we cannot feel the pain in the lungs with every breath inhaled from the fumes of a flea collar, spray, or powder, most people do not realize the severity of the damage that is caused.  The numerous, complicated functions of the liver, lungs, and skin are indispensable.  Only through their ability to expel poison are they able to keep the toxicity of drugs, pesticides, and other chemicals from killing our animals.


Anemia is another serious consequence of flea infestation.  Anemia is the lack of sufficient red blood cells and oxygen in the blood.  Between a poor diet and fleas literally sucking the blood out of an animal, your dog/cat can be suffering from poor blood.  The symptoms are general weakness, lethargy, paleness of the gums, abdominal pain, and subsequently, loss of appetite. 


Tapeworms, which are carried into the system of the animal by fleas, can also cause anemia.  Here again, if your animal is healthy, the tapeworm cannot establish itself for the worm must have mucous deposits in which to set up housekeeping.  Worms will be eliminated with the proper raw food program, because the body will expel the worms when it is healthy and eating properly.  

You Are the Consumer

As long as you are buying pet foods, brewer’s yeast, flea collars, sprays, powders, dips, shampoos, frontline, advantage, resolution, and all the other drugs, chemicals, and poisons on the market, the manufacturers will continue to provide them.  It is up to you to change the trend.  Don’t assume that because these items are bad for your animal’s health that our government or the manufacturers are going to make any changes.  Commercial animal products are a multi-billion dollar business.  The time, energy, and money spent on providing a balanced raw food program will pay for itself a hundredfold…no more pet food, no more drugs, chemicals, or poisons, and no more veterinary bills!

What To Do?

First of all, read my free ebook:  Pat McKay Nutrition Program
Secondly Start your animal on my supplements:  BIO-8 & CLO-3.  See Products.  http://essentials4all.org/PRODUCTS.html   To give your animal immediate relief, you can spray any irritated areas with my Green Tea Solution or herbal sprays.  You can  also bathe your animal with my Oatmeal Shampoo or herbal shampoos and the fleas will drown.

If the fleas are particularly stubborn, you may have to flea comb regularly until his/her immune system becomes healthy.  Keep a cup of water with a few drops of dish detergent handy to contain the live fleas as you take them off of your animal, otherwise the fleas will get away from you.  Fleas have respiratory systems, and they will drown in the water.  Massage your animal while defleaing because it improves circulation and therefore promotes healing.

Do NOT use brewer’s yeast, diatomaceous earth, salt, or anything else topically on your animal that could be ingested when they lick themselves.  Everything you put on the outside of your animal eventually goes to the inside when they groom themselves.   

Vacuuming & Salt  

Vacuum your carpet often.  That’s where the fleas hang out.  If you have carpeting with a deep mat, you can use regular table salt to dehydrate the fleas; just sprinkle it all over your carpeting, and by walking around on it the salt will work its way into the mat.  Do not put salt on scatter rugs, Berber carpet, tile, hardwood floors, or any surface where the salt cannot sift through, because it will stick to the feet of your animals, and they will ingest the salt while grooming themselves.  The salt in the mat of the carpeting dehydrates the fleas, destroys eggs, and keeps the fleas from procreating.  

Do not confine your animals to the house just to avoid fleas.  They need to be out in the sunlight and fresh air.  If their immune systems are not functioning properly, they are going to get fleas no matter where they are.If you have any specific questions about your individual dog or cat, email me at any time pat@patmckay.com I’m here to help. 

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