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​Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies are very different from drugs!

When giving a homeopathic remedy to your animal, it isn’t the number of pellets you give that is important; it is the number of times you give them.  For example:  If you give 3 pellets all at one time, that is one dose.  If you give 3 pellets, but you give them one at a time, just a few minutes apart, now you have given 3 doses. 

When I say ONE dose, I mean just exactly that…ONE DOSE…and that means 3 pellets given all at one time.  Let’s say that you give 3 pellets and your animal spits out one or two of the pellets.  That’s fine; throw them away.  As long as your animal gets one pellet, s/he’s fine.  If s/he spits out the last pellet, but it has been in his/her mouth for a couple of seconds, that is still fine; s/he got one dose.  Do NOT give more pellets. 

If you feel your animal may spit out the pellets, then crush them, and there’s no way s/he can get the powder out of his/her mouth before it dissolves, because the powder dissolves instantly.

After giving your animal the one dose of 3 pellets given all at one time, then put the vial with the rest of the pellets away in a safe place.  Do not repeat the remedy.

The reason I always suggest giving 3 of the #30 or 10 of the #10 is to make sure that if they spit out one or two pellets, they still received a dose.

The remedy can be given at any time on an empty stomach.  Do not give any food for at least an hour after you have given a remedy.   If you have just fed your animal, then be sure to wait an hour after feeding before giving the remedy. 

The homeopathic remedy will come in a glass vial with a regular screw top; that one is easy to know how to open.  Or if your remedy comes in a blue plastic vial, take off the protective strip; turn the vial upside down so the cover is on the bottom; then twist the cover, and with each twist one pellet should come out into the cover.

There are several different size pellets: #10, #20, #30 (sometimes known as #35).  The larger the number, the larger the pellet.  When I say 3 pellets, I’m talking about #30, the size of bee bees, because they are the most common size you find in health food stores.

When you buy a kit of remedies, very often they will come in #10, the size of coarse salt.  If you have #10, then my suggestion is to give about 10 of the little pellets.

Most of the 30C remedies I suggest are available from your local health food store if they carry homeopathic remedies.  Health food stores are allowed to carry up to the potency of 30C. Sprouts Farmers Markets has 30C and 200C potencies available.

Any remedies that I suggest that are over 30C will be available online. and are probably the best sources online.  The simplest way to find the remedy online is to go to Google and put in the name of the remedy and the potency…that’s the numbers and letter after the remedy; for instance, 30C…and you will see a link to the remedy. 

Do not pay any attention to anything on the label whether it says what the remedy is for, how many times to give it, that it has a certain expiration date, because this information is required by FDA and they don't know a thing about homeopathic remedies...probably don't even know how to spell homeopathy.

Homeopathic remedies never expire.  I have some that are 35 years old that work just fine.  What is important in storing remedies is that they are kept away from strong aromas such as colognes, spices, cleaning fluids, etc.  They should not be near cell phones, computers, TVs, speakers, or any devices that have magnets. Most people have WIFI throughout your homes now, so it is best to keep your vials in a closet in a drawer and/or a storage container.  Warm and cold won’t bother them.  However, do not leave the vial sitting on a windowsill in direct sun or on top of a heater or air conditioner.  Do NOT refrigerate homeopathic remedies.

Giving the Remedy to Your Animal

When I say to give one dose, that means to give 3 of these little white pellets directly into your animal’s mouth directly from the cover of the vial.  Or ten of the little #10 pellets.

Do not put the pellets in your hand first, because no matter how clean your hands, you have "stuff" on them, and the pellets are very porous and absorb everything.

Gently, but firmly, hold your animal’s mouth closed for a few seconds until you can feel s/he has swallowed the pellets.

If you feel your animal will be resistant and/or spit out the pellets, or you haven’t given a remedy before, so you don’t know how your animal will respond, then my suggestion is to crush the pellets before giving them to him/her.

To do the crushing, make a crisp fold in a heavy white paper (or fold the paper twice).  Pour the pellets directly from the vial into the open fold.  A reminder:  Do not put them in your hand.  Fold the paper flat, with the pellets inside against the crease, and put the folded paper on a hard counter top.  Be careful because the pellets roll very easily, and they are also very hard to crush. Crush them with the back of a spoon or a hammer.  Pour the powder onto a spoon to put the powder in his/her mouth. Or you can pull your animal’s lip out slightly and put the powder inside his/her lip.  S/he needs to get only a small amount of the powder wet in his/her mouth to be effective. Whatever amount of powder you get in your animal’s mouth that is sufficient.  Do not keep trying to put more in his/her mouth, because you are to give one dose only.

You may give the remedy any time on an empty stomach; however, if it is near feeding time, then you need to allow at least one hour away from eating when you give the remedy.

Email me and let me know the day and time you give him/her the one dose of the remedy I suggest, and by one dose I mean just one dose...I do not mean one dose a day.  Your animal gets just one dose period.  This is so often misunderstood that I feel I must make a point of explaining it.

Pat McKay
40 years experience in animal nutrition
36 years experience in classical homeopathy
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