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Healthy Animals Do Not Get Heartworms

Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes and lives in the hearts of animals who have a compromised immune system. Heartworm does not attack healthy animals. Giving poisons, chemicals and drugs only perpetuates the problem by suppressing the animal’s immune system even more. I believe the reason we see the high degree of heartworms in domesticated dogs is because of the drugs that have been used over the years. 

Coyotes, wolves and mountain lions deal with it by developing an immunity. We need to allow our animal’s immune system to mature, to build up a strong, viable immune system to fight all disease. 

A quote from Richard Pitcairn, DVM, PhD: "Despite the extensive use of heartworm preventive drugs, the rate of heartworm infestation in dogs in any geographical part of the US is the same today as it was in 1982. It doesn’t take much contemplation to realize that the path of continued drug use is a dead end road." 

Let me add to that: Severe liver damage is caused from the poisons and chemicals in the drugs. Because drugs are so deadly, they cause the health of our animals to deteriorate to the point their immune systems cannot fight off serious diseases, like cancer.  Studies have shown that 4 out of 5 dogs in the States are suffering with cancer. 

Let’s say you give one of the drugs for "preventing" heartworm, and your dog doesn’t get heartworm. Does that mean your dog would or wouldn’t get it with or without the drug? Why do we allow the medical community and the drug companies to brainwash us into believing drugs, chemicals, and poisons are the answer?

A Positive Approach to Protect Against Heartworm

Start your animals on my Nutrition Program whether you are concerned about heartworm or any other ailment. 

In addition to my two supplements, BIO-8-Powder & CLO-3-Pearls, give your dog CoQ10 to strengthen his/her heart.  There is already some CoQ10 in my BIO-8, and for those dogs in areas of the country that have high mosquito infestation, give additional CoQ10.  

Email me and let me know your dog’s name, breed/mix, age, weight, the area where you live, and I will tell you the dosage of CoQ10 that your dog will need. 

If your dog is being inundated with mosquitoes, then s/he will need homeopathic care, because this infestation indicates that your dog already has a compromised immune system. 

Healthy dogs do not get heartworms.  In the 40 years I have been doing animal nutrition, not one dog on my Nutrition Program has ever come down with heartworms.  That is a strong, but true, statement. 
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