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SKIN:  The Body’s Largest Organ

Your animal is scratching, chewing, biting himself like crazy; he must have fleas; yet you don’t see any fleas.  What is actually happening is that your animal’s body has gone to work to externalize internal disease energy by using his largest organ, his skin, to do the necessary healing. 

Just to name a few of the skin’s functions:  Prevents dehydration; acts as a sensory organ, receptor of touch, pressure, vibration, heat, cold, and pain; prevents trauma, protects against invasion of microorganisms and chemicals; regulates temperature changes; site of vitamin D synthesis; reservoir for fat, electrolytes, water, carbohydrates, and proteins; secretes pheromones, so animals can recognize one another.

Obviously the skin is a busy organ and needs to be kept healthy.

Please, as a favor to your animal and yourself, do not put your animal through the trauma nor waste your time, money, and energy taking your animal to the vet for itchy skin.  All your animal will get is drugs to suppress the itchiness.  Do NOT suppress that itchiness; your animal is scratching and chewing on himself for a reason; get to the reason, the cause, of the itchiness.

The very first thing is to put your animal on my Nutrition Program, because proper nutrition is essential.  There isn’t one commercial pet food on the market that is fit to eat…none…no exceptions.  You must prepare the food yourself.

Click on Free Ebooks:  Click on Pat McKay Nutrition Program.  Preparing food for your animal is easy and simple to do. Don't think it's going to be a huge amount of work or expense. Once you do this Nutrition Program, including the BIO-8-Powder and CLO-3-Pearls; you will see a tremendous difference in every aspect of your animal's health, including his/her skin;  plus the fact, you will save literally thousands of dollars in vet bills.

In most instances your animal will need homeopathic care.  However, start with my nutrition program and see how much your animal can accomplish just by eating real food.  If s/he doesn’t get some immediate relief within a few days, then contact me for homeopathic care.

OATMEAL SHAMPOO:    Depending on the size of your animal:  Cook one or two cups of old-fashioned oats until it is gooey.  Let it cool.  Wet down your animal completely with warm water just as you would to start when giving a bath; apply the gooey oatmeal as you would a shampoo; gently massage the oatmeal for 1-5 minutes or however long your animal is enjoying it; then rinse thoroughly; then rinse again; towel dry.  Do not use a dryer of any sort.

GREEN TEA SPRAY:  Brew the green tea just as if you were going to drink it; let it cool till it is warm; be careful not to get this spray in the eyes.  The Green Tea may be sprayed or applied topically to any areas of the skin that are irritated.  The Green Tea may be sprayed whether it is warm, room temperature, cool, or cold, whichever your animal prefers.

In addition to being soothing and healing for the skin, it is also an excellent solution for ear problems or as an ear cleanser.  Fill both ear canals completely full of the warm green tea; gently massage around the base of the outer ears for a minute or so; let go; stand back; and the animal will do the rest by shaking his/her head and getting rid of the excess tea and the gunk in the ears.

SPRAY BOTTLES:  Be sure to always use a brand new spray bottle; it must be a new spray bottle that hasn’t had anything else in it before. 

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As we heal our animals, we heal ourselves!

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