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Meat Broth Is Essential

Dehydrated? Not Eating?

For animals who are ill, dehydrated, or not eating at all, my first suggestion is to give RAW beef broth orally.

Raw meat broth: One tablespoon of RAW ground beef, added to one-half cup of purified water, mash the meat in the water with a fork or put it through a blender or food processor and serve.

You may prepare larger batches for larger animals keeping the same proportions of RAW meat and purified water. 

If your animal will lick it up on his/her own, great.  If not, then you will have to syringe it.

For every 10 pounds of body weight, your animal must have a minimum of 3 ounces of either raw meat or raw meat broth for every 24-hour period just to stay hydrated. 

If you don’t have raw ground beef immediately available, you can try raw egg yolk broth until you can get raw ground beef.  Not all animals do well on raw egg yolk broth, so you will have to see how your animal responds.

Egg yolk broth: One RAW egg yolk (the yellow), mixed with just enough purified water to be soupy if your animal will drink it on his/her own or thin enough to be given through a syringe if necessary.

For puppies/kittens under the age of three months, you may also give Colostrum broth.

Colostrum is the first food that comes from the mammary glands after birth. It is full of immunoglobulins, the immune builders, as well as providing nutrients for your puppy/kitten. You can buy it in powder form from a health food store or online. My suggestion with regard to dosage is to give 1/2 teaspoon at a time to small puppies, 1 teaspoon for medium puppies, and 2 teaspoons for large puppies.  This must be put into purified water; do not give the powder directly into your animal's mouth.  S/he will choke on it.

Animals over the age of 3 months no longer produce lactase which is the enzyme that breaks down lactose, so that is the reason, you cannot give colostrum to adult animals. 

My preference is always RAW ground beef broth, because it is the easiest for your animal to digest during illness,  dehydration, or loss of appetite.

Do not give vegetable broth during this time.  Animals need the protein from meat broth.

If your animal is too ill to eat on his/her own, give the broth with a syringe or a spoon. The raw meat broth and/or the Colostrum will sustain your animal until you can get more information on what to do next.  Email me or if it is an emergency, call me at 775-313-5884.