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Microwave Damage 
Do Not Microwave Any Food!

Never use a microwave, because it heats by vibrating molecules at 2.5 million times per second causing serious damage in the breaking up of the molecules, and the body considers them foreign objects.

The pancreas doesn’t even recognize the substance as food and does not know what enzymes to produce to digest these microwaved foods.

Microwaving has been known to cause anemia, high cholesterol levels, high radiation levels of light-emitting bacteria, and a major decline in lymphocytes with the body responding as if the food were an infectious agent.

Heat destroys enzymes. Enzymes begin to be destroyed at 102 degrees, and they are totally dead at 126 degrees. That is very low heat. 

Warming Your Animal’s Food on the Stove

If you decide your animal’s food needs to be warmed to take off the refrigerator chill, be careful. Keep your finger in the pot. As soon as the food is tepid, take the food out of the pan immediately. Tepid is body temperature. That means it should still feel cool to your touch. If it feels warm to your touch, you have overheated the food. 

The best solution for warming your animal’s food is to use the bone broth that you can prepare by boiling the bones and pouring that broth over the raw meat chunks and the cooked vegetables.

You can also boil the vegetables in that bone broth and add it to the raw meat chunks.

I’m sure each person prepares their animal’s food just a little differently and that’s fine as long as the meat is raw and the vegetables are cooked.

Just be sure you don’t microwave anything…not for your animal or for yourself.