Why You Should NOT Vaccinate!

by Pat McKay

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Pat McKay:  Medical doctors, scientists and other professionals that I quote in this book have done a superlative job in putting together excellent information warning the guardians of animals and children about the deadly effects of vaccinations. I hope to bring that information to you in a short, sweet and succinct fashion, because you need to know the truth.

If after knowing that some of the health hazards from vaccinations include AIDS, allergies, arthritis, asthma, autism, blindness, cancer, cataracts, cerebral palsy, chronic ear infections, conception rate lowered, encephalitis, epilepsy, fibrosarcoma at the vaccination site, hyperactivity, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, interdigital pyoderma, juvenile type diabetes, learning disabilities, leukemia, lupus, meningitis, mental retardation, multiple sclerosis, paralysis, short lifespan, sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), tuberculosis, damage to and/or failure of heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas and other organs of the body, and ALL of the diseases for which your animal or child were vaccinated, are you still willing to take that risk of vaccinating? If so, WHY? There is no proof that vaccinations work at all.

The general public has been sucked in to believing that decayed animals, diseased blood, sera, bacteria, viruses, fungi, mucous, pus, urine, feces, antibiotics, formaldehyde, mercury derivatives, acetone, aluminum and carbolic acid put into a mixture; shot through our greatest protector, our skin; directly into our blood system is the answer to keeping us free of disease. How barbaric.

Yet, the majority of people really do believe this works. There is no proof, but if you hear something often enough, it becomes "true" whether it is or not. This is what has happened with vaccinations.

Have you ever asked your veterinarian or your pediatrician before they vaccinated your animal or your child for written medical proof that the vaccines work?

The information in this book, for most lay people, will come as a complete shock. When the realization hits, please don't blame yourself or feel guilty. You counted on your doctor to tell you the truth. And in defense of these medical professionals, most of them don't know the truth either, as you will hear from veterinarians themselves in this book.

The medical community has been brainwashed. They are told in medical school that vaccines work, and they take it on faith. Most veterinarians are sincerely interested in the best care for their patients; however, because new concepts of vaccination are currently being taught in veterinary schools, that just continues to perpetuate the veterinarian's belief in them.

Western or allopathic medicine is always saying they have to have proof, double-blind studies, and yet, has your veterinarian ever shown you proof that vaccinations work?

One of the most frightening aspects of vaccines is that studies are done on as few as five to fifteen animals for as little time as three months before allowing them to be used nationwide. You will read many quotes similar to the following in this book.

Viera Scheibner, PhD, states, "I did not find it difficult to conclude that there is no evidence whatsoever that vaccines of any kind-but especially those against childhood diseases-are effective in preventing the infectious diseases they are supposed to prevent. Further, adverse effects are amply documented and are far more significant to public health than any adverse effects of infectious diseases. Immunizations, including those practiced on babies, not only did not prevent any infectious diseases, they caused more suffering and more deaths than has any other human activity in the entire history of medical intervention. It will be decades before the mopping -up after the disasters caused by childhood vaccination will b~ completed. All vaccination should cease forthwith and all victims of their side effects should be appropriately compensated."

Pat McKay: Throughout the book all the bold type is mine. I hope it helps as a reference for prominent points of interest.

All the quotes are verbatim, word-for-word, from books, speeches and articles, so some points may be repetitive or similar. I want you to know that this information comes from many reputable sources and even they have slight, and sometimes profound, differences.

Some of the opinions I personally disagree with; however, I want you, the reader, to have the information to make your own decisions and choices.

The following compilation of evidence excerpted from thousands of pages from medical journals on information written by experts about vaccines will explain to you how and why you have been deceived concerning vaccinations.​