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Why You Should NOT Vaccinate!

by Pat McKay

by Celeste Yarnall

The first time my daughter, Camilla, went to the pediatrician, he gave her the DPT vaccine.

I had done the Lamaze method of childbirth, was breast-feeding her and was eating a vegetarian, fresh, natural, raw diet. I was taking organic supplements in order to be the best mom I could be.

I thought this traditional visit to the doctor was a part of being a good mom.

When he injected her, she screamed bloody murder and, for the first time, cried real tears. Great salty torrents poured down her little pink cheeks. It broke my heart.

It was at that moment that I knew this was a flawed and dangerous concept. But back then I didn't have the information to give me the courage to "buck the system."

At last, here it is. This wealth of information Pat McKay has collected is nothing short of extraordinary. What you are about to read will come as a great shock to many of you.

We all know when we do something that is wrong and against nature, but we don't always listen to that wee, small voice we hear in our heads. We, instead, trust those learned individuals whom we so willingly turn our care and feeding over to rather than trust our own instincts. But do we really know?     

Each one of us truly unique living beings was programmed for survival, and inherent in that ability to survive is contained a "knowing."

Despite it all-the pollution, the stress, the drugs, the vaccines-we survive, much of the time by that knowingness. But how well are we surviving?

What is glowing health? Has anyone we love experienced it since being assaulted by these suspicious substances? I think not.

Then why do we do it? Fear. Fear drives us against our "knowing." And so it is out of this negative, destructive emotion that we act blindly and destroy the one thing nature gives us to survive-our immune system. 

It's time to stop reacting out of fear and have the courage to make informed choices.  I stopped vaccinating my cats because I am informed.  I have all the evidence I need now.

Thank you, Pat McKay, for not only teaching us how to feed our companion animals a fresh, raw, natural diet, but for also giving us the courage to trust in our God-given right to protect ourselves from the brainwashing we have all been bombarded with regarding vaccines.  

Now we know the truth, and truth will always set us free--free to not subject anything or anyone we love to this abuse and a lifetime of chronic ill health.

Welcome to a world grounded in courage.  With courage we can travel the road to real health--the natural way.