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Pat McKay: My classmates and I were given a polio vaccine in a cube of sugar followed with a candy bar as a reward. Sugar and vaccines, what a disastrous combination.

Because this was almost fifty years ago, there are some details I do not remember; however, some are still very vivid, especially the pain.

I was going to a Catholic boarding school in south Minneapolis along with forty-six other girls. I believe that after we were given this experimental vaccine, there were eight or ten students that had full-blown polio, with paralysis, and many others who were ill for short periods of time, but no paralysis.

Polio was an epidemic across the country. The hospitals were full, so we had to stay at the school while being treated. It was our good fortune that Sister Elizabeth Kenny was in Minneapolis at that time. She had a wonderful method of treatment, which was not being recognized by traditional medicine, and she accepted the invitation from the sisters at our school to instruct them in her method of treatment. 

Sister Kenny’s treatment involved moving the affected muscles at all times, at all cost. The pain was excruciating. Two sisters would hold me down and one would move my head. My paralysis was in my neck muscles. No matter how I screamed or carried on, they continued the treatment. Within three months I was able to move my neck on my own and within a year, no one would suspect I had any problem, except for the constant pain in one of the muscles in the right side of my neck, which would become worse whenever I was under stress or got chilled.

I grew accustomed to the pain and discomfort over the next forty years, and in my early fifties I took my first constitutional homeopathic remedy. Within two hours of taking my remedy I had that same excruciating pain, which lasted about ten minutes, and since then for the past ten years not one bit of pain or discomfort in my neck. Yes, homeopathy is miraculous.

Every time I see or hear about an animal or a child being vaccinated, it is as if I had been stabbed. So much of the suffering in my life comes from vaccines. My parents thought they were doing the right thing. I remember telling them how I dreaded vaccinations and how sick I felt afterwards. How can something be good for you that is so invasive?

Some people feel that maybe one or two vaccinations are good for various reasons. That is not true.

Animal nutrition is my first love and concern. We must feed our beloved companion animals fresh, raw, whole foods. We are losing our cats and dogs (and children) to serious maladies because most of them have been eating junk food for the past fifty years since canned and dry food has been available.

However, even if you feed them fresh, raw food and yet you continue to vaccinate, you will suppress and eventually destroy their Life Force, physically, mentally and spiritually.     

          Please don't use the excuse that it's the law.  If you believe a law is immoral you have a duty to disobey it.

First of all, there are no laws for any vaccinations except rabies. Secondly, laws are not always in our best interest. Don't just blindly follow. Be creative. Your animal (and your child) is your primary concern. Do what you need to do to protect your cats and dogs and children.

A quote from Viera Scheibner, PhD, from a lecture given in Santa Monica, CA, July 16, 1995:

“Who is irresponsible, the one that studies and makes the decision not to vaccinate or the one who vaccinates without asking questions?” 

Pat McKay: Last year I was "caught" and told I had to vaccinate Ross, my seventeen-year-old yellow Lab-mix. I immediately went to an allopathic veterinarian, Rolando Vasquez, DVM, and he agreed to give me a letter of exemption, which was good for six months.  I took that letter to the City of South Pasadena who promptly said that I had to have a two-year exemption.  I went back to Rolando who said that by law he could only give a six-month exemption.

So, as usual, the bureaucracies don't match up. The City of South Pasadena said they couldn't  do anything further. I was fined $90 and told to either pay the fine and vaccinate my dog or I would have to go to court. Here in South Pasadena the crime of not vaccinating your dog is handled by the criminal court division.

My day in court, along with car-jackers, muggers and burglars, was very quick. The city defense attorney approached me in the audience part of the courtroom and said, "You are here for what?" She was stunned. The judge was kind enough to hear my case first with practically the same reaction. Without my saying one word, the judge turned to my appointed defense attorney and said, "Counselor, I believe we can dismiss this case." Also, the judge did not make me pay the fine.  I now have a court order that says Ross does not have to be vaccinated.

My only disappointment is that I had a grand speech all prepared to cover all the reasons why Ross should not be vaccinated and I did not get the opportunity to say even one word. 

Why You Should NOT Vaccinate!

by Pat McKay