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Why You Should NOT Vaccinate!

by Pat McKay


About the Author
Pat McKay Bio

Acknowledged pioneer and leader in the development of the raw and fresh food diet, animal nutritionist, classical homeopathic practitioner, counselor, and author, Pat McKay is nationally recognized by animal health care professionals for her contribution to the raw food revolution for cats and dogs.

She has devoted over 30 years researching and completing thousands of case studies where her findings consistently reveal that a raw food program insures maximum health results from her animal clients.

Moving from the theoretical to the practical, McKay has spent the last 30 years synthesizing her findings to create a complete nutritional guide, which offers the most up-to-date clinical information and quick-step menus that make raw, fresh-food preparations both fun and easy.

In 2003 Pat McKay sold her business and retired. In 2008 Pat founded the Society for Animal Homeopathy, and continued her nutrition consulting and practicing homeopathy. From 2003 to 2010, Pat helped several people and companies start their own supplements businesses; however, every one of the people disappointed her because they didn't follow through with the necessary information, advice, and guidance in using her supplement formulas. In 2009, Pat started ESSENTIALS4ALL, and is now running the business herself again.

Her present companions are: Dutch, a Dutch shepherd, who is 15 years old; Josie, a Black Lab/Pointer, 2 years old, and her son Bobby, Black Lab/Pointer/Retriever, who looks like a Labradoodle. All of her dogs are rescues.


Pat McKay is 80 years old,
has no aches and pains, no ailments,
follows the LIVE RIGHT 4 YOUR TYPE food program;

takes absolutely no drugs of any kind, and does take
ESSENTIALS4ALL BIO-8-Capsules and CLO-3-Pearls.

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