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Buy chicken thighs with skin. Cut off as much of the meat as you can do easily. Then boil the bones with meat still on them for about an hour until all the meat falls off easily.  Take the meat off of the bones, add the cooked meat to your raw meat, and put the bones back in the water and simmer for another 3 hours until the end-grizzle falls off.  Let cool just enough so you can clean the bones thoroughly, keep the grizzle ends, because now they are soft and pliable…excellent cartilage for your dogs and cats to eat. Throw the bones away.  You now have healthy chicken broth to pour over your animals’ meals.  Or you may want to give the bone broth as a treat.

You may add your vegetables to the chicken broth and boil until the vegetables are soft enough to mash into the consistency of baby food.  Or if your dogs/cats prefer the sautéed in butter method, then use the broth to pour over the raw chicken meat.  Cut up the raw meat into whatever size chunks work for your size animal. Add the vegetables and the broth; add BIO-8-Powder, and your cat/dog has the best of all meals.


The same can be done with beef using the cheapest cuts of beef.  Chuck roasts and steaks with the bone are usually the best buys.  Cut the beef off of the bone; put the bone in a pot with purified water and boil until all the meat is off of the bone. Throw away the bone. Add the vegetables and the broth; add the BIO-8-Powder, and stand aside while your cat/dog eats with gusto.

Lamb and Pork Butt, sometimes called Pork Shoulder, are prepared the same as Beef.


Usually with turkey you have to buy the leg and thigh together.  If so, then be sure you take out the long, thin bone that runs
along the leg of the turkey. Otherwise you prepare the turkey legs/thighs in the same manner as the chicken.

Egg Yolks Raw ---Whites Cooked

Egg yolks should be fed raw. The whites need to be poached, because the avidin in the whites interferes with the absorption of biotin.  

The main concern with eggs is their quality and freshness.  Organic is best. If not, make sure they come from healthy, free-range-fed chickens that have not been fed antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs.

Approximately one or two eggs for every ten pounds of body weight is about right for one meal. 

You may feed the egg meal with or without vegetables. One method is to boil the vegetables until they are soft enough to mash into the consistency of baby food, then mix in the egg whites and cook for a minute or two until the egg whites turn white. Let cool before mixing with the egg yolks.

Small Dogs / Finicky Dogs

ABBY & EMERY’S RECIPE: For each meat group, cut up the raw meat and pack it into a single day's serving. (My two, 3 year old, 5 lb. Chihuahuas, eat a cup a day, combined. I use Snapware, round, Pyrex, one cup containers, with plastic lids.
These stack nicely in the freezer.) For the veggies, steam the six preferred veggies and then purée them in the blender. Pour this into ice cube trays with lids and freeze for 12-24 hours. Then pop the cubes into a couple of heavyweight plastic containers to freeze. You're set with veggies for two months. Each morning, take out the next day's serving of meat and a veggie cube(s) and place in the refrigerator for the next morning. Mix together and place the dog bowl in a larger bowl of hot water. It only takes about a minute to bring the food to tepid, if you're using an Instant Hot. Then mix in the supplements last and you're done.
If your dog won't eat the CLO pearl with butter, try squeezing the CLO onto a little bit of raw meat left over from their
morning meal. That is their treat between 1 and 3 PM or later in the day.
In place of butter, every few weekends make a large batch of broth (chicken, turkey or duck, skin and bones and filtered water) and portion that into one and a half cup containers and freeze as well. Lots of good fat there. Feed the broth and fat every evening at dinner time, also warmed by placing in a larger bowl of hot water.  Lori

BIRDIE’S RECIPE: My vegetable recipe is similar. I steam all the veggies together until mushy soft, put them in my food processor with a cube of salted butter and purée until smooth and creamy. Pour it into jars for freezing and use as needed. Butter makes it all so good!  Heather

If anyone else has suggestions, please email me I would be happy to have more ideas.