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​Reverse Sneezing
A Respiratory Condition Caused by Vaccines

Reverse sneezing comes in many forms:  Sucking in air, gasping, choking, honking, freezing in position, stretching out the neck, appearing as if they cannot get a breath.

Most often it happens when an animal is emotionally excited, for instance when you first come home and they greet you at the door.

Your animal will make rapid and long inspirations; s/he may stand very still, and then try to extend his/her head.  Often a loud snorting sound is produced which may make you think your dog has something caught in his/her nose or throat.

Vaccines cause damage to your animal’s soft palate which results in a spasm. 

The fancy allopathic name is Pharyngeal Gag Reflux.

Most often vets and breeders will say reverse sneezing is no more harmful than regular sneezing…NOT TRUE!  They will say it is an allergy, collar/leash pressure, and a number of other lame excuses, because the cause is damage to the soft palate, pharynx, larynx, trachea, and respiratory system from vaccines, and vets and breeders give the vaccines.  It is a definite symptom of vaccinosis and chronic disease caused by vaccines. 

Very often the esophagus is involved as well and your animal will be diagnosed with megaesophagus which is another form of the same vaccine damage. 

When you see any of these symptoms, your dog needs homeopathic care.

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