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Salmonella & E Coli
Fears Regarding Salmonella & Escherichia Coli

Dogs/cats are carnivores and raw meat is their natural food. Their digestive juices are much more acidic than people’s.  The acid in their digestive juices kills these unfriendly bacteria.

Many veterinarians oppose the feeding of raw meat and tend to unjustly blame salmonella, E coli, and parasites when actually the problems come from a weakened digestive system and/or an autoimmune condition caused by feeding cooked, canned, dry foods, and from vaccines, drugs, and chemicals.  Enlightened veterinary practitioners realize this and encourage their clients to feed raw meat and not to vaccinate or use drugs or chemicals on their dogs/cats.

In 39 years of working professionally with people and their animals, I have never heard of a case of salmonella or E coli from raw food…fit for human consumption.  I have heard of salmonella from animals eating commercial pet foods, whether they are raw, canned, or dry, and the worst case of salmonella in this country was in 1998 when several thousands of pounds of cooked baby cereal that were contaminated with salmonella had to be recalled.  So don’t think because you are feeding canned or dry food your dogs aren’t exposed to salmonella and E coli.  Cooking doesn’t necessarily kill these unfriendly bacteria. 

What is important is that you feed raw meat fit for human consumption from reliable sources.  For the past few months I have been feeding raw meat from Costco and found that their meats are consistently reliable.  I am feeding their beef stew meat, their chicken thighs with skin, and their leg lamb roasts.