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Feeding Your Cat & Dog Once a Day!

A snake eats once a month. A goat eats 24/7. If you feed the snake every day for a week, the snake will die. If you don't feed the goat for a week, the goat will die.  

My point is that gastrointestinal systems of each species are extremely different. Dogs and cats are closer to the snake, and people are closer to the goat. So people anthropomorphize and feed their cats and dogs too often.  

In the past when I had all healthy dogs, I fed them every other day...and they did beautifully. Presently I have three rescues; one of them is not all that healthy yet, so I feed all three dogs once a day; however, when the third one is healthy, I will go to every other day feeding.

Canines in the wild eat once or twice a week. So even if you feed once a day, five times a week more often than is natural for a canine in the wild.   I am not talking about the quantity of food; I am talking about the number of times you feed. Dogs and cats need to feel full, and feeding all their food once a day gives them that feeling...rather than a smaller amount twice a day.

Feed in the morning, Not in the evening.

The reasons for feeding in the morning and not feeding in the evening:  During the day food is needed for energy.  During the night's sleep, the body does all of its major repairing, restoring and healing.  These healing processes cannot start until all food is digested. It is critical to feed in the morning.

Carnivores systems were designed to eat much less often than most people feed. We must follow Mother Nature‚Äôs design when it comes to feeding.  

Canines in the wild, do drink water, because they eat dried-up road kill, as well as fresh kill. However, their main water/fluid consumption should be with their food.

Felines, on the other hand, eat only fresh kill; they do not bury their prey to be eaten later; they just kill again.  Cats are very adept at killing; they see it as a sport as well as a source of food.

So be sure the food you are preparing has sufficient water or broth, rather than the consistency of a meat patty.  

Eating less often has to do with the health of your dogs and cats.  It is important to take these natural aspects of eating and drinking into consideration.

Feeding carnivores too often is detrimental to their health.