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Veterinary Homeopathy
Homeopathy vs Allopathy/Natural vs Chemical

Homeopathic medicines stimulate the body's natural healing abilities as opposed to allopathic drugs that have a chemical effect on the body which suppress and slow down the body’s natural ability to repair, restore, and heal.

Homeopathic medicines work totally opposite from drugs.

The body is always in survival mode; it wants to repair, restore, and heal; that is the body’s natural inclination.

Homeopathic medicines stimulate the body to do what it wants to do…and that is to be in a healthy state at all times.

A dog is injured:  For example, out running and his leg slips into a gopher hole and is sprained.  Immediately the body sends in the “first responders.”  There is pain, so the dog doesn’t put more pressure on that leg.  Secondly, there is swelling which is the inflammation bringing in the antibodies, the blood, and all that is needed for repairing and healing.

Homeopathically a remedy is given to stimulate that healing, and the remedy is chosen based on the symptoms that the dog is presenting.  Not every injury presents the same symptoms.

Allopathically a drug would be given to prevent the pain and swelling…symptoms are not even taken into consideration.

Can you already see the huge difference in whether you are helping the body to heal or suppressing the body’s ability to heal?

It is so obvious that it boggles the mind to understand how drugs ever became the main medicine in this country.

Homeopathically when an animal has a chronic illness:  diabetes, hypothyroidism, cancer, whatever the disease, then all the symptoms that the animal’s body is presenting are taken into consideration.

Each animal is a totally unique being; there aren’t any two animals, even siblings, that are exactly alike; therefore, their symptoms are going to be different even if they have the same disease.

Allopathically symptoms are not taken into consideration.  You take your animal to a veterinarian and you will have a series of tests.  Hundreds or thousands of dollars later, you will be told, the tests are inconclusive, but more tests will tell us more, and in the meantime, here’s a drug that is to be given twice a day for pain, another drug twice a day for inflammation, another drug for stomach upset caused by the two other drugs, and another drug for diarrhea because of the three drugs already prescribed.  So far you have not been given anything that is stimulating the body to heal.  All that is being done is suppressing pain, inflammation, and upsetting the gastrointestinal system.

Homeopathically, a chart is prepared including all the symptoms that you see…not what a vet has said or any given disease name…but what YOU see.  You know your animal better than anyone, and because your animal can’t talk, it is like treating a baby.  You know your “baby,” and it is your information that tells me what you are seeing that is abnormal at this time.  You also have as much background as anyone about your animal; even if you just rescued your animal, that’s all the information we have.  If we are fortunate enough that you have had your dog/cat since a puppy/kitten, that’s even better, but that’s not often the case…so we take what we have.

With those symptoms, ONE remedy is found that will cover all those symptoms, and that ONE remedy is given ONE time. Then the hard part for you is waiting to see how your animal’s body responds. Patience, observation, and feedback are what I need from you.  Every little change, every little idiosyncrasy, tells me what to do next.  More often than not, the first remedy will stimulate the body to repair, restore, and heal for 3 to 4 weeks.

The homeopathic remedy goes to work the nanosecond it gets wet in your animal’s mouth; however, it takes the body hours, days, weeks to respond…that’s where your patience comes in.   

You will not be giving your animal any homeopathic remedy once or twice a day.  If you go to a homeopathic veterinarian or practitioner, and they suggest a remedy is to be given once a day, that’s your cue to leave.  Or if you are given a combination remedy or given two or three remedies, leave.

Combination remedies are the worst.  See my ebook on Combination Remedies.

Let me know what questions you have.  I understand that homeopathy is so different from what you have been used to hearing, so I am happy to explain.

Pat McKay
40 years experience in animal nutrition
36 years experience in classical homeopathy
As we heal our animals, we heal ourselves!