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​Vital Life Force – The Dying Process
The Body is Always Repairing, Restoring, & Healing

The body wants to survive; survival is its nature, so it always concerns me when people are too quick to think their animal should be euthanized.  More often than not, a veterinarian is too quick to agree with you as well.

So often I hear the comment: “I don’t want my dog/cat to suffer. I’m sure s/he’s in pain.”  Euthanasia is not the only option.  As long as the body is alive, there is Vital Life Force, and homeopathic remedies can be effective to stimulate the body to survive and relieve any pain, if there even is any pain.

An extreme example is one of my own dogs, Jacques, who contracted a deadly virus.  Twelve dogs that Jacques had been exposed to had already died of this virus.  This particular virus killed by causing the body’s temperature to go totally out of control; reaching temperatures of 108 and literally frying the brain.  Jacques temperature hovered around 104 to 106; he went into a coma.  To make a very, very long story short after 19 days in this coma, I heard a tiny little whimper; it was Jacques.  He survived.

What is interesting with homeopathic remedies is that the very remedy that is needed for the animal to rally is exactly the same remedy that will help the animal be comfortable during the dying process.  It all depends on the body’s Vital Life Force. 

If an animal has the Vital Life Force to survive, s/he will survive.  If an animal does not have the Vital Life Force, the animal will die.  Only the body knows if it has the Vital Life Force.  You won’t know; I won’t know; there are no tests to tell you one way or the other.  That’s why it is critical to give the appropriate homeopathic remedy, and then the decision is up to your animal’s body.  It isn’t your decision; it isn’t my decision; it is your animal’s decision.  What you and I provide are the proper nutrition and the homeopathic care.  Your animal does all the work or repairing, restoring, and healing…or letting go and dying. 

When euthanizing a dog/cat with a drug, the dog/cat doesn’t have any choice; the drug will kill.  When giving a homeopathic remedy, if a dog/cat has the Vital Life Force, s/he may rally, and if not, s/he will die at home peacefully.

For your own peace of mind, when you are doing everything possible to give your animal the opportunity to live, you won’t be left with guilt of wondering what else you could have done. 

Yes, there are times when the only option is euthanasia, but let’s discuss it first before you make such a serious decision.  

Pat McKay
40 years experience in animal nutrition
36 years experience in classical homeopathy
As we heal our animals, we heal ourselves!